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Logo Style Guide

Below are the logos that are approved by Nuvasive for use in this Web Store. If a logo below is not an option in the logo choice drop down box on the product page, please email us at NuvasiveGear@promoventures.com and specify the logo you are requesting.


Icon Only Logos

Nuva Teardrop Full Color On Black
  Nuva Teardrop Full Color On White
  Nuva Teardrop One Color Black
  Nuva Teardrop One Color White

Nuvasive Logos

Nuvasive Full Color On Black
  Nuvasive Full Color On White
  Nuvasive One Color Black
  Nuvasive One Color White

Formagraft Logos

Formagraft on black   Formagraft on white  

Halo Logos

Halo on black   Halo on white  

Helix Logos

Helix 3 color logo on black   Helix 3 color logo on white  

MAS Logos

MAS logo on black   MAS logo on white  

MVP Logos

MVP logo on black   MVP logo on white  

Neurovision Logos

neurovision On Black
  neurovision On White
  neurovision On Whiteb
  neurovision On Blackb

X Logos

X logo on black   X logo on white   XLIF On Black
  XLIF On White